UK Style Light Steel House

Product Details

1. Brief:

Light steel house is fashion and powerful of steel structure system, has been widely adapted in different area such as industrial,agricultural, commercial, service construction, such as office building,mountan villas, warehouses, sports stadiums,showroom,entertainment,tourism,toll-gate, construction and low, multilayer residential buildings, light steel frame and other fields.

2. Freature of light steel frame:

2.1)using efficient light thin walled profile,light weight,high strength,small occupied area.

2.2)components for automation,continuous,high precision production, product specification seriation,standard, form a complete set to change.

2.3)structure design,detail design,computer simulation,factory,construction site installation,etc. 

2.4)profile after galvanizing, coating and anticorrosion, nice appearance is beneficial to reduce palisade and decorate cost.

2.5)easy to expand the column spacing and provide greater space space, can reduce the height and increase the building area

2.6)wide scope of application of new wall materials,extensive use of daylighting, ventilated condition is good.

2.7)indoor plumbing electrical line all hidden in the walls and floors, flexible layout, modify convenience.

2.8) house can move, all materials can be recycled will not result in a waste, in accordance with sustainable development strategy.

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I Light Steel Villa(300SQM) Includingdesign,drawing..etc light steel SQM
1.Steel frame
1.1 Light steel structure frame Galvanized and Aluminized LGC Framing; M2
1.2 Steel Accessories Galvanized fasteners stainless Srew M2
2.External Wall
2.1 Rock   wool
40g/cm3 100mm M2
2.2 OSB board
1200*2440*9.0mm M2
2.3 Wall-Moistureproof   Pate
0.3mm M2
2.4 PVC   decorative board
16mm M2
3.Internal Wall
3.1 Rock   wool
40g/cm3 80mm M2
3.2 OSB   board
1200*2440*9.0mm M2
3.3 Gypsum   board
1220*2400*9.0mm M2
3.4 Skirting line white M
4.1 ground floor,1st floor XPS board 5mm M2
4.2 ground floor,1st floorstair wood floor color 805Multi-layer solid wood floor M2
4.3 Ceiling   Gypsum board
1220*2400*9.0mm M2
4.4 1st floorstair OSB board 18mm M2
4.5 wood handrail m
5.1 water proof materials M2
5.2 Ceiling OSO board 12mm M2
5.2 Eave OSO board 9mm M2
5.3 PVC for external roof 8mm M2
5.4 PVC black Gutter 150mm m
6.Windows and Doors
6.1 picture door with locker 1100*2100mm set
6.2 French Door for kitchen with locker 1600*2100mm set
6.3 Wood door with locker for kitchen and living room and bed room 800*2100mm set
6.4 Wood door with locker for toliet 700*2100mm set
6.5 white Broken bridge aluminum safety windows with ex-proof glass 1200*1500mm set
6.6 white Broken bridge aluminum safety windows with ex-proof glass 1800*1500mm set
6.7 white Broken bridge aluminum safety windows with ex-proof glass 600*1200mm set
7.Kitchen room
7.1 Cabinet with quartzwood up and down cabinet  650mm m
7.2 Sink+faucetsewer 650*430mm set
8.1 Toliet set
8.2 Basin set
8.3 Accessories set
8.4 Shower room 900*900*2000mm set
8.5 bathtub 1700mm set
8.6 tile for floor and wall 300*600mm M2
8.7 faucet 3 toliet,1 kitchen,wash chine set
8.8 Shower head set
8.9 floor drain 3 toliet,1 kitchen set
9 Plumbing and accessories m
10.1 3 pins socket 86*146mm set
10.2 Switch 86*86mm set
10.3 Box 82.5*82.5mm set
10.4 spotlight set
10.5 fans 6*6 inch set
10.6 electronic cable BVR 1.5 BVR 2.5 BVR 4 set