XPS Board

Product Details

1. Brief:

Polystyrene resin as raw materials and other raw materials and polymer, by heating mixed into the catalyst at the same time, and then extruded extrusion molding and manufacturing of hard foam plastic board. Its scientific name is adiabatic with extruded polystyrene foam plastic (XPS), XPS with perfect obturator honeycomb structure, this structure makes XPS board has a very low water imbibition (almost no water absorption), low thermal conductivity coefficient, high pressure resistance, aging resistance (normal use almost no decomposition of ageing phenomenon).

2. The performance characteristics of XPS panel

2.1, good insulationHas high heat resistance, low linear, low expansion ratio, 

2.2, excellent high strength and resistance to pressure.

2.3,excellent hydrophobic and moisture resistance

2.4,lightweight, easy to use XPS plate type of completely closed-cell foam chemical structure and honeycomb physical structure, make its have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, easy cutting, transportation, and not easy to damage, easy installation.

2.5,good stability, anticorrosion,The service life of the domestic production of XPS extruded thermal insulation boards in 60 years.

2.6, product environmental protection performance

3.Extruded polystyrene panel Application

Building roof insulation, steel structure roofing, building wall thermal insulation, building the ground moisture, square floor, ground frost heave control, central air conditioning, ventilation pipes etc

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